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Solving Stormwater Runoff through Pervious Pavers
Ultrablock, Inc. / Xeripave, LLC
September, 2013

Xeripave, LLC started manufacturing Super Pervious Pavers, for handling stormwater runoff, more than four years ago. Negative environmental impacts from stormwater runoff are now regulated nationally. Stormwater runoff occurs when water flows off impermeable surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt, into surrounding soils and waterways causing erosion, pollution and flooding. Although there are solutions to curb the problem, they can be costly. Industry professionals are specifying the use of super pervious pavers to address stormwater management requirements.

Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers are a new type of pervious technology. Unlike other types of pervious concrete/asphalt and permeable concrete pavers, Xeripave® SP Pavers allow large amounts of rain/storm water to infiltrate through the surface. As the water infiltrates through the paver and into the soil underneath, it is naturally filtered. Due to the high infiltration rate, Xeripave® may require only 12 to 18 percent surface coverage to maintain optimal drainage for the entire surface area. By strategically placing SP Pavers in areas experiencing runoff, it allows stormwater to be infiltrated back into the ecosystem.

The development of SP Pavers required Xeripave, LLC to look in-depth at current permeable and pervious products on the market. Through research and development, Peter Blundell, President of Xeripave, announced they found an innovative solution to help with stormwater runoff. Blundell stated, “We started manufacturing Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers after noticing certain functional and aesthetic limitations to permeable and pervious surfaces. After the initial paver was developed we continued to improve the product line through extensive testing and in-house quality assurance processes.”

About Xeripave® SP Pavers

Pervious pavers can offer cost-effective alternatives to expensive stormwater runoff solutions. The infiltration rate exceeds one gallon per second per square foot, which is 10 times greater than porous concrete and more than 90 times greater than permeable pavers. Unlike permeable pavers that allow water runoff into surrounding gaps filled with crushed aggregate, Xeripave® SP Pavers capture gross pollutants, sediment and urban clutter on the surface while water passes freely through. SP Pavers are made using natura

l aggregates bonded together with a high-strength, clear polymer that provides an aesthetically pleasing look.

Xeripave® SP Pavers are utilized in hardscaping applications that include walkways, tree surrounds, patios, driveways, parking lots, strip drains, dog parks, bioswales and sidewalks. For more information on SP Pavers, please visit

Ultrablock, Inc. / Xeripave, LLC
815 Ne 172nd Ave
P. 1-877-694-0141
F. 360-713-6515

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